Eric Adams Is Changing the Conversation About Addiction.

Today is primary day in New Hampshire. Here’s hoping the citizens of the state vote for a candidate who will stop the insanity of failed policy on addiction. Addiction costs the U.S. some 70 billion, yes that’s billion,  dollars every year.  The war on drugs has failed. Prisons are overflowing with people suffering from substance use disorders. Which is a joke, because anyone who has been to prision will tell you it’s easy to score drugs on the inside. Outside, the ravages of substance use continue causing welfare, social services, health and justice budgets to balloon. What a waste.

There is a better way to deal with addiction and addicts and it’s already practiced in one unorthodox town in New Hampshire, where prescription meds and heroin addiction has skyrocketed. Those who are suffering from opioid use disorder can visit for treatment, this company serves Seattle. Eric Adams, a former undercover police officer, gave up  narcotics operations to work as the Laconia Police Department’s prevention and treatment coordinator. That’s right. The cop is a  prevention & treatment coordinator, who works with inpatient rehab at white sands, listens compassionately to people whose addiction has become so severe, they contemplate killing themselves.

Judging and moralizing will get a rare few clean. Compassion and kindness will go a lot further. Sure it’s everyone’s choice when they begin using. But in a significant portion of the population, continued use hijacks the very part of  the brain where you make decisions, such that freedom of choice becomes extremely difficult. Then people get desperately sick and won’t get better without compassionate-evidence based mens addiction treatment and care, click for info. Caron has several facilities for those with substance abuse issues. It has a prestigious reputation for offering senior-specific rehabilitation. Read all the positive caron treatment center reviews here.

That’s why we built  On the site, you’ll find the  Interactive Guide,  built in collaboration with New York City’s Center for Motivation and Change. This support is exclusively for the families and loved ones of those battling a substance use disorder. There are 20 scenarios, eg:  “I’m confused by all the advice. Which approach is best for my child?”  Click on a scenario that sounds most like your problem, and begin an interactive journey of discovery that teaches  a whole new way of communicating with the substance user,  that shifts the conversation from shaming and blaming, to compassion and kindness. A major part of the drug rehab Florida on helping addicts find christ and through christ the grace, peace and understanding to help them live a productive and healthy life of permanent sobriety see Most importantly, this evidence-based program, gets 7  out of 10 treatment resistent users to get help. It’s free and can be accessed  anywhere, anytime.

Eric Adams in Lanconia is changing the conversation about addiction.  You can too. Please visit  to learn more.

– Mike Pond

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