Month: February 2016

Addiction Blog’s Review of Wasted


One of the world’s most popular addiction blogs reviewed Wasted – check it out: This is a true story of an alcoholic therapist who was struggling with his own alcohol problem. In his previous book “The Couch of Willingness”, Michael Pond and wife, Maureen Palmer, shared experiences with coping alcohol… Read more »

Mike Pond Responds to His Critics in AA

Mike Pond

Thanks to the hundreds of you who emailed in response to our film Wasted, the vast majority complimentary. I am humbled and very gratified the film provided help and hope to so many. I also received several harsh and critical emails from some AA members and heard I was the… Read more »

Eric Adams Is Changing the Conversation About Addiction.


Today is primary day in New Hampshire. Here’s hoping the citizens of the state vote for a candidate who will stop the insanity of failed policy on addiction. Addiction costs the U.S. some 70 billion, yes that’s billion,  dollars every year.  The war on drugs has failed. Prisons are overflowing… Read more »

Dr. Gabor Maté’s Review of Wasted


So we’ve slept on the review by Gabor Maté of Wasted in the Globe and Mail, and while we’re, of course, delighted to get attention from the Globe & Mail and from Gabor Maté, we feel that Dr. Maté has himself wasted an opportunity. He used fully half of the… Read more »