Addiction Crisis Toolkit

This interactive guide teaches vital survival skills to families struggling with substance use.

Learn new ways of communicating with the user, how to diminish family conflict, how to re-charge yourself.

Best of all, it’s free and available 24/7.

Medications That Help.

As researchers develop greater understanding of how substance use alters the brain, they have created medications proven to diminish cravings, reduce agitation and improve sleep.

“There isn't any other diagnosis where it would be okay to get in people's face and scream at them and shame them and make them feel terrible about themselves.”
- Dr. Bill Miller, in the documentary Wasted
“I have actually watched all of the videos in the Toolkit... It is refreshing to see material that doesn't shame either the person who is using or the person who is loving them and trying to be a support.”
- Barb, Manitoba
“The Crisis Toolkit has helped me transform my relationship with my husband, who battles substance use daily. It has helped me shift from anger and frustration to kindness and understanding.”
- Marge, Alberta
“We are listing the Addiction Crisis Toolkit in our online treatment guide because we believe it will help parents and partners of people battling addiction find the help they need.”
- Elizabeth Cairns, Executive Director, The Peter G Dodge Foundation, Maryland
“Now I understand why this kept happening with my son and still is happening with my husband. You will touch a tremendous amount of lives and give them hope.”
- Barb, Manitoba
“The Addiction Crisis Toolkit is a valuable, compassionate resource for parents and partners who need help navigating their loved one's addiction.”
- Elizabeth Cairns, Executive Director, The Peter G Dodge Foundation, Maryland


Wasted: An Alcoholic Therapist's Fight For Recovery in a Flawed Treatment System.



A revolution in addiction research offers hope to those whose lives are Wasted by addiction.



Evidence-based research and resources to help you help your loved one.

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