National Addictions Awareness Week

It’s National Addictions Awareness Week – and there is one thing you can do that will take very little time and have a big impact. Sign the CMHA association manifesto for new addictions and mental health policy, at

And if you’ve got family members or friends who suffer from a mental health or addiction issue – which is likely all of you 🙂 – we’d love for you to consider joining us at this conference. B4Stage 4, in Victoria, Nov 28th . Especially if your profession involves working with addictions & mental health, we need you. We need you to become a foot soldier in the fight for parity in funding. Physical health gets the vast majority of the dollars, yet mental health and addiction causes so much pain. With the lack of funding, there is no way to pay for the evidence-based treatment desperately needed. The result: many mentally ill and addicted end up homeless, in prison, or dead. Prison is the most expensive way to pay for addictions! We can do better for our loved ones. Check out the conference brochure. Sign up. Even for one day. See you there!

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