Month: November 2015

Challenging the Language of Addiction

Michael Pond Psychotherapist

My name is Michael Pond and I live with an alcohol use disorder. (AUD) That’s what we now call alcoholism in the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ““ 5. In psychology and psychiatry, the DSM-5 is our bible. The change in language is in part to address… Read more »

Director’s Diary #1 – Blurring the line.


For the last year, I’ve lived, breathed, ate and slept addiction. Literally. That’s because for the first time, I’ve made a film with and about my partner, Mike Pond. We began filming our CBC Nature of Things documentary on Addiction last February. The film is one of three key resources… Read more »

Support for loved ones of addicts

Carrie Wilkens, PhD and Co-founder of The Center for Motivation and Changes in Western Massachusetts shooting scenes with the Out To See Entertainment team.

Hello and Welcome to Addiction. The Next Step! This website is home to a very special project, designed to change the conversation around addiction from shame and blame to kindness and compassion. Here you will find evidence-based resources and stories with startling new insights to inform and support you, particularly… Read more »