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Stephanie MacNeil

I am a 30 year recovered alcoholic. I found sobriety, sanity and an incredible existence through doing the work of the 12 Steps of AA and also pursuing other spiritual material (non-religious in nature) I have come to realize that my primary state is as a spirit which then creates among other things my physical body – in other words anything physical has a spiritual root. If modern science could absorb this reality we could see planetary advancements beyond any of our limited thinking. However, I am passionate enough about recovery from addiction to stay curious as to where science goes with their research – I just wish we could get to a time when science would realize that they “the scientists” and all of their consciously and unconsciously held beliefs affect everything they think and do – science is not “examining” something outside of itself – we are “in” nature not apart from it and as the consciousness that we are – we create the reality we choose – as I let go of limited beliefs about myself, others and the world my reality has continued to blossom – this is what I hope for every addict who remains “untreated”.


Stephanie, thanks so much for sharing your story of recovery. We are so pleased you had success with the 12 steps. We congratulate anyone who manages to get well, regardless of how they get there. We are also most interested in your spiritual journey. When we spoke to Dr. Bill Miller, one of the world’s great addiction scholars, he told us spirituality, in its many forms has been essential to many people’s recovery. We do look at the science of meditative practice in our film – among other exciting new advancements in addiction treatment. Hope you’ll watch January 21st, on The Nature of Things.


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