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How Abstinence Became the AA Standard for Success

WASTED Documentary

Two experts in our film Wasted likely have more knowledge and wisdom about Alcoholics Anonymous than anyone else in the world. They set the record straight on key beliefs about AA. Here’s Dr. Keith Humphreys on how total abstinence became the AA measure of success.   Dr. Keith Humphreys is… Read more »

5 Myths About Addiction

In Wasted filmmaker Maureen Palmer and her partner Mike Pond start a new conversation about the science of addiction. They discussed how The long term effects of marijuana on the brain can be deleterious. They examine the biological origins of addiction and why some old models of treatment don’t work for… Read more »

Support for loved ones of addicts

Carrie Wilkens, PhD and Co-founder of The Center for Motivation and Changes in Western Massachusetts shooting scenes with the Out To See Entertainment team.

Hello and Welcome to Addiction. The Next Step! This website is home to a very special project, designed to change the conversation around addiction from shame and blame to kindness and compassion. Here you will find evidence-based resources and stories with startling new insights to inform and support you, particularly… Read more »