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Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oils You Can Buy

Here are some of the best full-spectrum CBD products like this UltraCell full spectrum hemp oil that you can purchase today. What’s important here is that this article is merely a starting point. We highly recommend that you research and fully understand how the products you order work. They can be… Read more »

National Addictions Awareness Week


It’s National Addictions Awareness Week – and there is one thing you can do that will take very little time and have a big impact. Sign the CMHA association manifesto for new addictions and mental health policy, at And if you’ve got family members or friends who suffer from… Read more »

Embracing Recovery, the Need for Human Connection and CRAFT

embracing atns image

Written by  Mike Pond for My name is Mike Pond and I’m a psychotherapist in Vancouver, Canada. I believe I bring a unique understanding and empathy to my clients battling substance use disorders – because I battled one myself, read more here about my recovery journey. From 2005 to 2010,… Read more »

New Vancouver-based company’s innovative approach makes treatment with naltrexone available to every Canadian battling an alcohol problem

bottle of Naltrexone

Back in February we answered a question on our blog about the Sinclair Method, a process that promotes what’s called pharmacological extinction of alcoholism. We’re updating that information because a new company called Alavida has just opened in Canada, making the Sinclair Method available to everyone, regardless of where they… Read more »

Addiction Blog’s Review of Wasted


One of the world’s most popular addiction blogs reviewed Wasted – check it out: This is a true story of an alcoholic therapist who was struggling with his own alcohol problem. In his previous book “The Couch of Willingness”, Michael Pond and wife, Maureen Palmer, shared experiences with coping alcohol… Read more »

Director’s Diary #2 – Mike Drank Again.

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I can honestly say I never saw it coming and I never thought I’d have to deal with it. In our first round of filming, the experts told us alcohol use disorder is a chronic relapsing condition and yet it never occurred to me it would happen to Mike. How… Read more »